Thursday, March 22, 2012

As I stepped out this morning ...

I saw small dewy ships ...

that sailed through forest seas

photos © 2012 by troy howell / click on image to enlarge


  1. These sheet weaver spider webs vanish from sight once the dew is gone. You would not know they are there.

  2. lovely, fascinating. i have an affinity to the jumping ones.

    1. Wow! Those spider webs do look like tiny, ghostly ships. How amazing!
      (You may want to check you Blogger comments on your 'Dashboarad' and where the option 'embeded' is, switch it to the 'full page' option, as I had to leave my comment under the 'Reply' of Rebecca's comment. The 'add comment' disappeared the minute I tried to leave a comment. I'm not sure what changes Blogger is making, but I had to 'correct' my blog comment section with that change).

  3. Thanks, Trese—I'll look into it (and see what happens as I type into this comment box).

  4. Wow, I've never seen such a thing. Only webs that go flat out, even amongst trees.

    So glad I had come to stop by your cool blog. I had loved the book cover that you had done for The Secret Garden book (talk about bright and lovely!), that I had to search for ya on the Internet to see more of your art work. That's how I had come to find your sis' blog, A Magical Whimsy, and she lemme know about this blog and your Web site.
    Love your art work! The children's book illustrations make me smile and absolutely takes me to another far off peaceful land... Keep up the fantabulous work!